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blood-pressure above the normal. ' And so we find him โ€”

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T. G. Logan, M.D., C.B., Director-Gen. Army Med. Department.

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\Kk\. \ i;ยป aK.i;\i>i*: Oi .ccuit^ 'jMitt or ^t^;ne or hudl^

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reason for denying him humane treatment. It ought to

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or three attacks of chorea, with long intervals previously, and his mother assures

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The tumour in the present instance was of rounded form, somewhat flattened

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chocolate brown, slate brown and yellowish. The two first are peculiar

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specialists" in imitation reading matter signed "Adv."

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physical strength, diet, clothing, exercise, and general

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pneumonia often develops without the incipient chill,

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1868.] Report on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 253

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first they felt relief, but when nervous or agitated, or, as some expressed their

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and the like. For instance, flake white, a complexion

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adhesion of the iris, and the atrophy of its tissue, caused the

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Obstetric Thyiicinn to 9t ThomM'a Hoipftal ; ExaBiner in IfUtwifery to tlio Bo^il CoOoge of

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impossible to so far reduce the projecting portion of the jaw, as to render

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in cases where there is evident inflammation with severe pain. Purgatives

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Dr. Fraser. โ€” The patient was a girl^ aged 20^ and the carcino-

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that of a gunshot wound, in 1812, by Professor Gibson of this city, and the

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The facts developed in regard to intermittent fever are of more than ordi-

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viously. In both the latter cases the fright of the accident may

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ner, if the obstruction be seated still further on in the circula-

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three fourths, should be the result of accident. The author^s

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Kampmeier, M.D., Editor and Secretary, 8210 Vanderbilt

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had suffered more or less severely. Whatever was the period of its

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insanity, moreover, are separately and sufficiently treated of in

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was more than twice as frequent in the first as in the second series, and we

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XVI. Elements of Physics, or Natural Philosophy, General and Medical,

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translated by Dr. Robert Willis, with notes by that gentleman, and others, has

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the gastric mucous membrane, and enables it to support much stimulation.

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is the sulphate of copper. A crystal of this article, presenting a smooth

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conditions which are separately apt to be looked upon as having a

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October Slst. โ€” It was noted that the chorea had almost ceased,

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frequent and less grave in children than in adults. The intimate con-

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4th. "That amputation of the lower is much more fatal than of the upper

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lars; chiefly, however, as warmer, drier, and as having fewer rainy