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plicated unilateral lesions turn from the injured side. Turner and I

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in almost every form of eczema. The strength may be from one to ten

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day of election, who would then he free to choose those

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twentv-five years after a cvst of the other ovarv had been removed.

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dated January 7, 1867, in which allusion was casually made

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* " Le nez destillait sans cesse comme une fontaine," Pasquier, Epid. 1557.

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tor^the "Philadelphia Bi-ancb of the Ihomsonian Friend-

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To Contributors and Correspondenta. — TJu atterUion of all who purpote

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abounds ; viz., the Infirmary for Diseases of the Leg, Red Lion

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proportionately large. The result is that the blood-cur-

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In this case, although the symptoms were referable to some

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much. This was what was done in the case of the pet moose, and

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ing, distinct, on the one hand, from the period during which the products

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as chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma. Vertical transmission from in-

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dullary portions, whilst, in others, changes take place in the one,

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first the life of the mother, and then look after her offspring.

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tion, constitute the most characteristic symptoms of wandering kid-

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thirty-seven years of age, eight years ago had a very

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enamel held in suspension in water ; when left to dry the moisture

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inflammatory disorganization of the brain or spinal cord, was

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some time prior to the man's death. In spite of this, the

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tion neither the infusion nor the evaporated extract exhibited any

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of the second volume of Paul B. Hoeber's Annals of Medical History.

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spread of leprosy in the Sandwich Islands furnish the most

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ipriva, and the cachexia of malignant diseases. The facts to be deter-

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only 010 of a grain per gallon in the chalk water of the Kent

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effect under the Public Health Act, 1875, and the present