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relate, as it appears, almost exclusively to scarlatinal cases, accom-

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and increased competition, and the sum we appUed for was

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they believed that this instrument destroyed a granular layer

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without greater or less disturbance of the intellectual faculties. The mental

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Susceptible persons are all living as members of the family who are

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Salviati, 2 and Gilman Thompson 3 show that portions of the

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With regard to what Dr. Fruitnight has said about the

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For the treatment of eustachitis and otitis media (after

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strating it, and to gain new principles, which when applied

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bags are used is from 6 to 8 per cent, and the infant

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Immunity. — There is apparently no natural immunity, certainly no

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where the symptoms manifest themselves, I have adopted the fol-

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suffering, but one does not treat the disease. There is

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dition of asepsis. Carbolic acid has been the agent most used

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(phenol, trikresol, chloroform) added to them, and when

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it. In this same paper seven instances are recorded of amputation of the thigh,