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Ein positiver Fall von Sondii uus der Fallopisclieii Tuben.

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large enough to admit of the introduction of: for here the bowel may be punctured wiih-

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it must pass the second zigzag line, which has meanwhile been

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in the dolichocephalous the comparatively long posterior cranial

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instead of whom comes in a hearty, robust man, that it is difficult to

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The acrid nasal discharges excoriating the upper lip and the attacks

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no danger of poisoning by absorption, as in the case of can-

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fered with ; and yet within twenty-four hours from the first

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i- The elimination of effete matters. 5. The treatment of

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the liver, forming metastatic abscesses. In advanced cases the whole organ

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situated on the lower end of the nasal cavity {septum nasi). They

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cup milk, 3 cups flour, 2 teaspoons cream of tartar and 1

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Dr. Brown-Sequakd and Dr. J. S. Ram \ country to ihe scientific study and treatment

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the cyst up into the abdomen the child was easily delivered

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ported in a former paper (July 13, 1916) with refer-

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guise of a malignant spirit, might otherwise enter the village

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ted deeper than the under edge of the falx, is not divided.

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of the plaster is reckoned not by percentage, but as

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What can we hope for in this woman's case with gonorrhea

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Hand-book of Insanity for Practitioners and Students. By

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epileptiform seizures or followed by any paralysis whatever.