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of the tubes .is not altered. The interstitial tissue is harder,
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swelling of these organs, it would appear that the leuduemio tumors
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diately before the diseased valve, and which is caused by the greater
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contracted bronchioles and that of the air-vesicles in which they termi-
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Its exhibition is indicated in pneumonia with a pulse of from one hun-
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A proper supply of fresh air is of equal importance with regula-
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also soon begins to decompose. We shall hereafter see that ferment*
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tant difference, which furnishes a practical distinction between the two
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some of them being naturally produced from eggs, and others,
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But it was no less an egg originally, and corresponds, in
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ular vibrations. The only characteristic symptom of the disease, fur-
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ration commences. Finally, after the tension of the air within the
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and tannin, may, by their astringent action, moderate the relaxation
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1. Extract of organs from an infant with congenital syphilis.
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positive diagnosis was impossible, save in rare instances. It is true, that
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infiltration and swelling, is not the sole cause inducing increased secre-
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more especially malignant tumors, are not only less common than in
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and county. I hail this fact with joyful expectations of fur-
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the gums, may become so great that the gums press over the teeth
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tissue, and finally a hard cicatrix forms, which often rontains thickened
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The following conclusions seem justified from the experiments pre-
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order to recognize the dulness. The pectoral fremitus and the respi-
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and caeca and extending somewhat upon the dorsal and ventral surfaces, thus
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patients with habitual constipation usually suffer from cold feet, a very
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in other severe bodily exertions, the air is compressed within the thorax,
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instead of diarrhoea. This is not strange, when we remember that the
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tions concerning it were not established until after the outbreak
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able sensation of prickling, also of dryness in the throat, which leads
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of symptoms that we have described depends on a rotation, internal
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(1894), 2, 1108; Lancet, (1894), 2, 1154.— Actinomycosis of the cheek.
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ume of the pulmonary tissue, at the expense of the air-vesicles. We
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ning of one or more of these blood-vessels. The remarkable fact that
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In cases of doubt, the discovery of cheesy residua in one or other
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excite the suspicion that the parotitis accompanying this disease was
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any bile-coloring matter present, and we let the urine stand a while,