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and of cartilage bones differed somewhat in this respect, especially
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the Connecticut Research Association, hoping thereby to bring
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which the sputum contained virulent pest l)acilli for many weeks after
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plasia. In all suspected cases the size and condition of the thyroid gland
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more susceptible to scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles, and whooping-
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home surroundings and social relationships were in every re-
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the skin covered with clammy perspiration, the labor and frequency of the
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chronic pulmonary disease in which tubercle bacilli cannot be found,
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least greatly abated, by the habitual use of Lister-
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fresh virus developes vaccinia as severe almost as the disease it
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of the urine forms the next function of the kidney, and these substances
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tion of fever: important temperature elevations may in-
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association deem it their duty to call the attention of
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These twins were like Rita-Cristina, except that they had no
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1888, 2. 8., ii, 1-11. Also: Gaz. d. hop.. Par., 1889, Ixii, 362-
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individuals with a history of gastrointestinal disease, particularly
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constriction is one of the toxic effects. It has been shown clinically
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introduced into the stomach : a little escapes in the urine, in
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more or less of this power over the parturient womb. From
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Connected with the absorbent and exhalent systems, is the
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be made without enucleation, I am firmly convinced it was a case of cysti-
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not move patient but relax muscles 15 minutes on either side.
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ceded a most constant diligence. His was the talent of the super-
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systole. Fig. 62 shows the transverse, vertical, and ohlique measurements in millniielres during the systole
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temporal bones, being the result. In addition to the usual symp-
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being either limited or entirely prevented by the contraction,
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per 1000 of the strength under the proportion of 1864, and
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congratulate himself in many cases of pelvic disease in getting off with
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clusion of American pork. It is difficult to estimate the
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the two classes; spasm may occur and yet be unseen, and slight
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Amputation at Shoulder-Joint. — A boy had his arm injured
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trauma and toxaemia, has been very considerable, but it is insignificant
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which to base their statements ; so that now hardly a general
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coolness and presence of mind cultivated by years of active sport
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physiology or pathology, but also fail to study the possible
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known that well nourished children are frequently born of
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the joints, in rheumatism and gout ; in the oedematous state of the leg,
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place suddenly amid manifestations of asphyxia. Upon post-mortem exami-
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in India and has for the whole population a heav^' death
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support, during a recovery of weeks to months, which is
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ter inches from the diagonal in order to obtain tlie
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renders the introduction of food and medicine in bulk into that organ