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and we may hope to see a better recognition of this
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from danger. With a careful painstaking operator the most of the cases
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reads in the columns of its favorite adviser the well-
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variety of dysenteric lesions, from catarrhal conges-
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The tropical practitioner will do well to bear this
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a communication between the uterine cavity and that of the sac being
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of the government hospital for Indians at Pipestone. He
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suffering from acute rheumatism and unable to appear,
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hours and one tablespoonful of Epsom salts twice a day
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evident, like those of fracture in any other part of the body : crepitus with
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While endeavoring to elicit information as to changes in the food"
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person vaccinated. They were mostly scorbutic, and any wound
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Paralysis and other symptoms of nervous disorder are, however, by no means
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inatters connected with the prevention as well as the cure of
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bit. They have isolated diplococci from the joint exudate of
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Limerick Artillci-y ; Maybury, Kerry ; Townsend, Cork ;
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The same statement applies to those cases, eight in number, in which
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syphilitic lesions we do not hesitate to say that potassium iodide
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in the tubes, when there may be found impairment of resonance posteriorly
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geal affections, inasmuch as the distinctive character of the cough relates to
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pulmonary veins. Cabannes and others have brought forward
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early and in its later stages, to cedema of portions of the brain, and to hydro-
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On dissection, pleuro-pneumonia, especially of the right side,
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part the syncytial type of cell is found at the growing margin of the
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expressed b\- units of covered area it increases really with reference
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The breathing was stertorous, the pupils contracted, the skin hot and dry,
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right iliac fossa on deep inspiration. In dorsal or right lateral decubitus
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fidence in the powers of nature, having recourse more frequently to the
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be in the flesh, the Barbarum plaster; if it be a nerve, or cartilage, or any of the
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ferrocyanate of iron, instead of prussiate of iron,
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lying labels on patent medicines. Every day we see patients who come
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References.— '" Amer. Journ. Med. Sci.," April, 1897; ""New