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above are offered in Anatomy, Physiology and Histology, Surgery,
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paper wet with chloroform, or embrocations of chloroform oil, and ether as
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to a " psychical trauma," if we may use such an expression. Hysterical
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and manual labor. The weakness of the arm gradually increases, and finally,
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. ' (2) Rtd1«t1o« Hazards. Air Force researchers are ctmtlmiatly tryln? to gain
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Division of the Coitr«60.«-Pupils are divided into four sections, con-
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of tbe lectures upon Materia Medica, Pbysiology, Anatomy and
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of paratyphoid and enteritis bacilli, or even the bacilli themselves. This
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Ing and storage establ1shB«nts ai^ fwjd service facilities, control and epidemiology
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the British Pharmacopoeia are taken up in classes according to their
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of words a-<ociated by rhyme or assonance; the patient may write, but the
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Bedsores form very easily in severe cases on the sacrum, on the buttocks, on
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weight, the bi?incr;ifl1fpl" ^'''^ '^''^^ ^^^^re<i
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also a weaker contraction at the same time in the other leg.
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After the candidate has satisfied the Medical Examiners, the Dean
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ance of speech, the nystagmus, the impulsive laughing and crying, the slight
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vertebrates. Prerequisite: Zoology 101 or its equivalent. Summer, lecture: M., W.,
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taste. Vomiting of greenish matter, colic, tenesmus, and bloody stools. Also
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Finally, the question may be occasionally raised whether we are dealing
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countries represented in the State OouncU amounts to £5.
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symptoms persist for some time. Treatment: As the main antidotes, morphin,
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and collected in the veins; ecchymoses are frequentty found.
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In more advanced cases the thickening is much greater. There are usually
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among the wealth} 7 classes, and wiry it is comparatively common in cor-
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clavicle, etc. In the leg the increase of the patellar reflex is most noticeable,
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nomena of the condition, relate to the respiration and the circulation. The
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responsible for inspection and acceptance of pn^uce at destinitlon (sometimes veterinary
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particularly to courses of lectures on State Medicine and to the practice
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in all essential points, those of bulbar or even of cerebral apoplexy. Although
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the following certificates, viz. : (1) of good conduct from the Censor ;
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