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The highest zymotic death-rates were recorded in Duodee, i^Libgow. aud

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simple hot water, and even in the test tube it seems to be a

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three, and the other the establishment of day nurseries

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The Physiology ot the Senses. By Dr. J. G. M'Kendrick and W. Snodgrass,

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Curtis of Thornfield, Heaton Mersey and Manchester.

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rent was less. He was of opinion that many more urgent

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arsenic, if it act beneficially at all in chlorosis, does not do so

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of criticism, which we may well expect will be botli pungent

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cases of ansemia and chlorosis which were successfully

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regulated by the same conditions as are in force in England, subject,

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London ; Dr. C. Cameron, London ; Mr. H. Cooper, Marlborough ; Mr.

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apex beat is in the fifth right intercostal space, 1 in. below

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ing allowed to stand : " The position is a strong onCj and it

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execaiire ranks iu <jus5tion, yet dead levelling at the same time is

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purpuric eruptions in this position are highly characteristic

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tion. Take the case of a woman whose tubes and ovaries

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cases, to persons who take charge of the children during the

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Average Rates in Groups of Towns for Ten Years — lSSl-90.

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M. Ord, M.D. CounctL- T. Barlow, M.D.; W. H. Day, M.D.;

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cinator or evilly disposed, my position would have been the

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almost exclusively in the abdomen, and is a chronic aflection, attacking

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the enormous Thames, Severn, and Trent areas, covering

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He suggested that optic neuritis might have been present

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simple facts. The author has contrived to condense into a

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furred tongue, and in a few cases numbness in the extremi-

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Treatment. — It was decided to try a method of aspiration

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in West Ham, Plymoutli, Swansea, and Preston. Tlie 543 fatal cases of

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phores and sporocysts (pseudo-navicellse). The case afl'orded

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Manchester ; Mr. E. B. Whitcombe, Birmingham ; Dr. E. F. Willoughby,

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Young Royal Engineer officers go out for five years; commanding

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put on it. Thus, a vice-president of Mr. Tebb's society is not

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iicces. On admission, on May I'oth. patient was drowsy, and did not com-

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tin to the subjects allotted to them. The volume is in thip

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though small. Essentially it consists of the record of a hun-

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much less) than 100, against the twenty-two districts in which

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We are therefore the more pleased to see so many bodies

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perhaps the best antidote to all the quackery which surrounds

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visitation by the sanitary inspector and medical officer, the

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is founded, are to be presented to Parliament. The mass of

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had in many cases succeeded in relieving by operation. He

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