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the pleural cavity, they fail to respond in any way to subcutaneous

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Oxygen. By .■\lonzo Clark. New York Med. Journ., Aug. ii,

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half an ounce every half-hour in water, and allowing cold water to be

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the affirmative reports of some modern writers do not bear scrutiny.'

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intellectual growth by Dr. Floyd Denny, Chairman of the Department of

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inflammation in the cysts or in the peritoneum which surrouudfi them,

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ing days there were numerous fresh groups of blisters, and

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It is peculiarly gratifying to your Committee, that on the

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perceived in it; notwithstanding this, pressure directed to be continued, with

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cat, fox, or wolf. The virus is communicated by inoculation, that is, by

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The explicit printed dasage instructions that accompany each Dosepak

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tion to this drug is its corrosive effect on metals, and the fact

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XX. Transactions of American State Medical Societies : —

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name progressive locomotor ataxia, more fully than by any previous writer ;

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content of one or both hormones. He makes an excep-

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include half the surface of the hand and a finger or two,

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It may be true that the poison can be carried a certain

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convalescence, a soft, blowing murmur was heard during the

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masses. One of the proposed objects of the Association tends

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through what was then considered to be the complete University

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connected by three blackish filaments with the dense opaque

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ciation at the meeting in Boston in June, 1914. That

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note that the relationship is parabolic rather than linear.

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O'Reilly, Robert M., Captain and Assistant Surgeon.

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pavarine, he was unsuccessful for eight or ten hours, owing to the tem«

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rates in bulletins and reports, and the improvement of the inter-

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for the first time in their lives, indulge in copious

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the ])ositive results, the most freciuent reaction was obtained with

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atory test. I do not believe in relying on the Wasserman entirely

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A constitution in which tTie skin is especially liable to become diseased^

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tions, with vessels ramifying over the greater part of its inner

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and occipital convolutions ; the two former are often very simple in

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rhythmical tremors of the arm ; the fingers are partially flexed,

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arrangement of nuclei in circles or semicircles of very varying diameters, also

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The by-paths along which 1 intend travehing have not, in many

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uria of nephritis is well known, has been regarded as an occasional cause

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ment of nervous diseases, which is attended by Charcot, Luys, Legrande

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tion, and some degree of pain and tenderness of the part where

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power for good, in the location of our own sanitariums.

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operation. The surface of a benign gastric tumor is regular and even,

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"'"'""''>"■ '■^- ■''• /''''7''",- ■"■ "iii^h forms large qu.iiitities of acid and

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until the degree desired is reached, thus avoiding the im-