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manner laid down in the resolution shall not thereafter be recognized by the

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general business, first treatment, etc., and a small diet

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enteric fever, there being stupor, muttering delirium, a dry brown tongue,

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dressing an erysi])elatous patient to a case of labor,

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questions there are three ways in which the amniotic fluid may become

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the patient should be entertained with a funny little story, or be tossed, like

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of patients trephined for epilepsy. J. Nerr. & Ment.

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Indigo Detected in the Urine. By Charles Frick, M. D., of Baltimore.

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Case IV. Amputation at the Hip-Joint. — Besides the

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upper and middle classes have no right to indulge their benevo-

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iar supper we should only allow water«oup and a little stewed fruit.

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there are prayers to the Deity beseeching Him to condescend to come

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tance on account of the possibility of the tube being

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case of cure, but this proposition was not accepted.

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The number of pustules is subject to great varieties, but, with

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usually occur in men who are in poor condition, with advanced tuber-

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a half inches. If firmer pressure was made with the sound, it

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and electro-diagnosis, where Erb is peculiarly full and satisfac-

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This is the product of resinous trees of India, obtained from different