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complishment of this laudable design. It is not our intention to encour-
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afi'ections. No such condition of things seems to exist
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less diagnostic importance than the so-called course of fever or fever
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nized for a decade. What progress has been achieved
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renal calculus associated with pyelitis and distension of the cavity of the
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health, sleep, and temper, some 200 cases of delivery
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4.81 in 1889, or a gradual decrease toward tbe end of the
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weight. On section of it a frothy fluid escaped. The organ was
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The Treatment of Measles by Eucalyptus Inunction. — (Dr. C.
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4. Iridectomy Operations. — Mr. A. nexl describes the three methods of
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bougies. After a preliminary gastrostomy, the patient swallows a silk
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sight one does not exactly see why rickets is more common in
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Stage of Eruption. This stage, in children, is sometimes ushered in
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believed in a modified form of Tufnell, and was not inclined to give iodide
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hours to six days, being examined daily for turbidity and other evidences
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progress, or in other words, to trace their causal connection and
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malignant growths, the differential diagnosis becomes
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as well as in the lungs. They give rise to the form of peritonitis called
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scess following Secondary Amputation. — Dr. Jaimes A. Draper related
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The Psychoses of the Menopause. — John B. Cliapin says