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filter and which exerts an osmotic pressure in opposition to the filtering

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that certain rules should be adhered to. One of these is (Rule 6) :

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situated on the sides of the tail, between the first and second pairs.

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tions now for the most part forgotten. Instruments had been constructed

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of verifying this condition. Anticipating a recurrence of prema-

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During the last two days the temperature ranged very high,

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perfect recovery followed the prolonged local application of

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16. Tsai FY, Matovich V, Hieshima G, et al: Percutaneous transluminal angio-

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accepted, and these are that the decomposition in a wound, and affection of

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is still doubtful that the determination of the amount of

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add much to her comfort, and she will be induced to

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Fellows, on application, 162 prints. These outside applications

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May 6th) injected subcutaneously 2 milligrammes (.U3 grain) of nitrate of

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wounds is to cause a condition of the centres which gives

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was perforated, and the tympanic cavity contained muco-pus, and its lining

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techniques and newest developments in cancer diagnosis

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paratus ; also the uncertainties of operation, which,

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February 26-27 — Advances in Vascular Diseases. American College of

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in the present section the primary symptoms or early phenomena

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be arrived at with considerable certainly. From the Registrar-

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stances the springs and water sources drain more thoroughly con-

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Here, then, at the outset we find the tubercle bacillus not filling the

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pnemnonia, to divide it into "stages." These stages — "engorgement" and "red

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hepatic and ovarian cysts, and in forming a coagnlnm in aneurism.

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injurious in cases in which the power of the heart is deficient, as in cases of

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no profession in which the lives of its leaders would make more

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fbrwaraed upon ^tpllcatlon. Also, Dr. Lewis A. Satbb^ improved oat*

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The contents of the smaller, after the removal of the

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First Term, Professor Jones; Second Term, Assistant Professor Nicolet;

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In the Northern States the proportion of insane was i to 597 of

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small openings called stomata, which communicate with the

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the buffer, the factor of safety which prevents its occurrence. Although

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technical terms ; in fact the study of Comparative Anatomy would be

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reguirements. If moedrn civic pride insists upon the adequate housing

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it was tyrannical, to say to the butcher, "you shall not sell

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