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permit of its recognition. The same findings are recorded and
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an upper lobe, particularly in an area made significant by inspec-
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whose labor was terminated at the expiration of forty hours by the forceps, a
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Sharp pain in the abdomen was felt, at times quite severe,
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Also a light dessert such as junket, rice pudding or custard is
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of Hydrocyanic and Acetic Acids, Creosote, Sulphur and Car-
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corpuscles and of the number of white corpuscles were also made. The
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be accurately studied. We find on the integument the same flat form
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watching any deviation from the normal in the nervous system. The
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pouch, and that symptom diarrhea. The rationale of this phenom-
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changes found in the kidneys. In the former there occur menisci of haemo-
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The wound was then closed by uniting muscle to muscle with a con-
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condition of unrest and discontent. It looks sometimes as if the
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to lengthen this canal two more of the folds of the stomach are
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the pains were made worse. He confirmed Dr. Bianchetti's observation
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ous gruels. The presence of a trace of hydrochloric acid is also
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E. Etzold records [Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Chirurgie, Bd. 29, Hefte 5 und
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action is here said to be on epithelial structures, not on connective tissue,
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absorption, for the pure theobromine is almost insoluble, and after various
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To know that tinnitus occurs in fourteen percent of the neuroses
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care for injuries received in their employ, there were yet far too
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It should be remembered that new tissue is very weak, and that a
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formation of uric acid should be very great and the probabilities
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to stimuli in the same individual in different states of general
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pneumonia. 4. The most persistent fever was seen in the cases in which
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tympani. Most of the cases suffered little pain, or if the latter was severe it
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No bismuth is allowed to pass the pyloric end of the stomach
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pain was much the most prominent symptom. In some cases there were fever
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Artificial pneumothorax is good in severe cases, if we know
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awful backache and headache of which there are complaints in
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gressive exhaustion, etc., intermissions and exacerbations taking place
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cations requiring the medicine to be in contact with skin, it is
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where? he says there is one prime factor which more than
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Eight ataxic patients, of whom six were men and two women, were treated
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tragedies of early life. It has a peculiar interest of its own.
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