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maxillary articulation increases. A hard and painful nodule, which rapidly

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glohinuria neonatorum, bronzed hoematuric disease of the new-born, renal

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Recently I had occasion to prescribe it for a case of occipital neuralgia

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Northern, 2 p.m. ; St Thomas's. L| p.m. ; Ophthalmic Hospital, South-

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gland "is still wanting." He notices a case which came

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The post-mortem reveals lobular pneumonia in the lungs, fatty degeneration

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non-Hispanic whites contrasts sharply with the proportion of

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persons treated in the large hospitals, amounted alto-

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The physiological effects of paracotoine are the same as those of cotoine, but

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advantage, to the patient, of being complete and permanent ;

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Febiger, price 83), which, in its seventh edition, is an agreeably

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human societyi the propensity to self destruction keeps

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Dr. T. P. SaTTBRWHITK: I think we will agree that I>:.

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Secretary: Sykes, Ralph J., Weldon; Med. Coll. of Va., 1934 1936 1936

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smallest possible quantity capable of producing a sedative influence, I have

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1. Carter RL: Platelet levels in infectious mononucleosis. Blood 1965;

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finally red, from the formation of the permaxgaxate. This per-

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the supreme heroism of the ^Medical Service during the dark days of

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room. He soon, however, became chilly, and was seized with a violent pain

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blood tumor with which to deal. He also believed that

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passages. In a few days this symptom and sound has commonly

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direct communication with the gall-bladder so that the

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genius; it is bound to become as indispensable to the student of

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Sir James Clark also made the observation, more than twenty

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the various sections of our State. Everyone knows that this is the