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an acid urine which shows no growth on the ordinary media should be in-
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only by a fair general education. It would not only
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deufistel. Ztschr. f. Geburtsb. u. Gvufik., Stuttg., 1892,
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by the ordinary modes of examination, of as great if not greater strength
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ago showed, after a careful study of 670 cases, that in 1 person
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tion of those Diseases ; Treatment of them, ....... 18
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of these ma^ have changes which thereafter leave the
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prevail, and as the latter especially is always assuming a tlireat-
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obtained the brilliant results of Dr. Carrel, we have at least consider-
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Paralysis of the soft palate on one or both sides is a frequent
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Tremor of hainls and ai-uis rather iucrcased than otherwise. Seems
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and that tliis increased formation of uric add and its collection in the
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On account of the frail character of the vibrio a general disinfec-
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Tibia : fracture (spontaneous) of tibia and fibula in limb aflfected
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At the afternoon session Dr. F. S. Thomas, of Council Bluffs, present-
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formity of professional relation and intercourse between its
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of urine, and niuch fediment in it, eafv,loofe, and bilious ftools,
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nervous system should be obscured by the results of the
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the sixty cases reported some time ago. He first draws attention to the
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body and lower extremities. This is well proven in the exaggerated
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(Forsyth. Ga.. 1934). p. 103. Neal's letter is also quoted in
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edge and belief it had not very much to do with it. The pain
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long after the fungus had died out, and these patches may remain unpig-
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approved or disapproved of ; but the very blood of an English-
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hours in alcoholic solution of corrosive sublimate 1 1500 ; remove
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(A). Gross Anomalies. — There are abundant instances of the inher-
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has studied the subject for several years, and has ob-
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Department of Health and Social Services before any
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From this series we have learned the importance of the early
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they endenvoured to effect by producing suppurative inflammation and granu-
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by the Daily Xews deserves careful consideration. The Xetcs
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parents, which they had done all in their power to amend. (See also the case
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they have received here has greatly aided them in the
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Wlion they have ceased or are about to cease, they can be revived by
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homogeneous elastic substance, which appears to be formed by the pro-
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tion of the finger, leaving the amalgamated flap, now a
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after a still longer time under medical discipline, for what usually follows,
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that no reference had been made to pulmonary disease previous to
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will biaxin chlamydia
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It contains a most admirable digest of what is spe-
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occurs. In such cases the usual condition is for one efficient kidney
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the effusion is small or circumscribed. Another plan
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Members of the Society may obtain loan packets on any medical topic they wish to study.
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This statement is made guardedly, but is rendered plausible
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begins to take special precautions as to his diet or exercise, having in view
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Bright for his prejudiced oppo.sition to the Acts. On the other-
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racing studs, and perhaps in all, where high form and size,
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tion of any space round the foetus, left by the escape of the liquor amnii.