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Entered according to Act of Congress in the year by

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of Bordet and Gruber and Durham we owe the employment of the

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of the spleen being greatly thickened and adherent to

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ablation of the cervical sympathetic nerves and ganglia

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existed in the case of syphilitic affections of the testicle.

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Then the proportions by weight in which CI and O would unite would

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vinegar and spirits. If it will break apply poultices.

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tion could be positively excluded. It is a mistake how

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half an hour and no reduction in the size of the spleen

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first of all in resaturating the dried tissues and that fluid intake under

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the corona radiata. In the lower half or third of the

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adopted it would contribute much toward the overthrow of the popular

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the right side. The cyst extended up to the umbilicus

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A peculiar element in the case was the presence of a re

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of apoplexy. He has a wife and one child Hving and well.

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Did we indeed adopt these views we might as Dr. Christison has

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stretched across to become attached to the septum lucidum. The optic thalami

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Finally the diagnosis importance and curability of diseases

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fessor of Physiology Johns Hopkins University Baltimore.

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moderately heavy work such as digging without undue fatigue.

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cult to establish. The objective symptoms of these dis

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SbU h fax three sets of prevertebral ganglia by visceral