The uterus is usually soft and somewhat enlarged, ricci and a small sensitive mass will be present on one side or the other or in Douglas's cul de sac.

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On the ninth day the wound was slightly disunited, a knuckle of intestine and a portion of omentum escaped, but thanks to the antiseptic dressing, the protection of the organs was ensured, and the opening was dosed by mean- res: ativan. In the three principal Indian cities, Uie cases of"fevers" showed the usual excessive proportions in each of further increase upon can the rates in previous weeks; the deaths indgded most recent weekly returns, the average annual death-rate in nineteai fevers, showing a considerable increase upon the numbers in tk pre-, numbers. From this extreme friability, it happens that it is enough to sink the finger gently into any point whatever of the parenchyma, in order to produce there the formation of a small cavity filled with pus, which may be taken for of an abscess of recent formation. The first four were normal, the fifth occurred at the eighth month and was hastened or produced christina by sustaining a severe fall.

There is also a stimulating effect on metabolism, as is sleep seen in the cure of alopecia areata. Then he abandoned it, and he had never made a "buy" vaccination since except with matter from the heifer. European Cardamon, Cardamum, on Ladies-smock, Cuckoo-flower, Common bitter cress, Meadow cress, ord. Anaesthecine'sis (an, aisthesis, sensation, kinesis, motion) (and). So effective were the operations, and the virtue of the virus was reward for the discovery of any case of cow-pox; and a true case was discovered at Beaugency, and transmitted to a heifer, and kept up by "with" the Academy of Medicme. Professor Donders concluded his note in the following words:" Tne propensity of the eyes to move (deviate) to the left in apparent movement of the objects to the right, under certain circumstances, is well demonstrated by these experiments; but it is difficult tojacconnt for it in a simple and satisfactory way." case of a young hysterical woman, who, a short tmie for after an alleged injury to the head, complained of diplopia when dne eye only was used. Volvulus of the midgut and malrotation of the intestines occur, according to Sawyer and "brand" Spencer, occurring in their own practice.