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The general features of these infections show some difference. Fox^ has
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internal use of antiseptics is of comparatively little value,
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well as from every medical standpoint, can make broad,
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call for a review of the subject, and at least that our judgment
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and the eighteenth century the disease was widely prevalent both in war and
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Cabot studie.- the leukocvtes in 186 cases with the following results.
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which can be emptied by a single prick. This is a valuable diagnostic sign.
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of the splenic cells and of the stroma, and with this there are usually large
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As the general agent's work extends to other cities, it will
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legal practitioner in his community, and of a physician of
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commonly there is an increase in the chlorides, phosphates^
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comes conscious that these irritating, poisonous materials are
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self. Such murmurs I have occasionally differentiated by
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was in the ileum in 32, the appendix in 3, the sigmoid fiexure in 2, the caecum
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agglutinin-bacteria are more susceptible to the action of NaCl than untreated
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as a complication is extremely rare; that it may exist and not be recognized
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can be determined absolutely only by obtaining positive results in blood
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ling oil of turpentine over the hot blankets, or by saturating
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go on and live long enough to insure them, but they are a
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buminuria to which he has given the name of "Cyclic."
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or in cultures from the blood; a more satisfactory method, however, is the
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considerable portions. The solitary nodules are swollen and show generally
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circulation, such as tache cerebrale or evanescent erythema due to vasomotor
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all of the cellular elements that line this tract from the renal
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In septic cases with marked failure of the action of the heart the injection
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and the antrum of Highmore may be invaded. Otitis media is frequent.
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line and granular casts present in diarrhoea and obstipation.
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M.ll.C.V.S. Cloth, size 5 1-2x8 3-4, 104 pages.. 1 4U
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3. Most commonly the signs of stenosis develop in the presence of a
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