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At the same time three intermediate strains. A B and C which

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present increased tension and hardness of the eyebal

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more correctly refer the flexion to the resistance presented equally

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Hoematogenous pigmentation. A certain number of pigments met

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confirming the observations of Dr. Robert Brudinell

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seem to make a distinction between idiopathic cases and those occurring

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should be given in any dose that will produce semi

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to one drop every half hour. The relief was perfect but tem

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There is no irritation of the wound as is the case in all

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tation in normal and svphilitic serums by the addition of glacial acetic

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was injected into the noses and throats of twelve healthy

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Stage of Labor with a Record of One Hundred and Forty seven

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opinion when he applied to it the name variolae vaccinae. The disease

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bought or taken by force it would greatly minimize the danger

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be so exactly similar that they cannot be distinguished from

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below this both large and small intestines were empty and contracted

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lip skin months. Received blow on lip after which tumour began to

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zation takes place slowly portions of the intestine will be matted together

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most commonly attacked in this form of the disease. In the spleen

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The author gives a survey of the literature on the subject.

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Inasmuch too as it is not dependent on over crowding so the

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of entering the abdominal cavity. On the other hand collections

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searching for a substitute the happy idea occurred to him that the most

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lady who was nearly recovered and she made an attempt to

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white blood corpuscle. Leuckart thinks this dehiscence takes place in the

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contains alcohol carbonic acid and lactic acid. Koumiss

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and those that have not acted a membership of. The one

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cent of tliose wlio recovered had liad but one attack. liad liad

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heterogeneous material which is supplied by the great schools

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inflammation and swelling of the gums. Haemophilia differs from pur

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dren in the article on Scariatina by Dr. Hatfield of Chi

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