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tion of an artificial plethora might have the effect

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against the existence of a genuine algid fever. Examples of this

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and there seemed to be no doubt about perfc^ration of

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fever ; this I suspect however is far from being always the

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her duties clearly defined ; in fact, it should be the aim of

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to the Posterior Auris Artery. By William Colles, Sur-

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Paget's patient was much given to cold douches and hydrotherapy, standing

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be pains alone, and disability from this cause. In one of my cases there

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could remember. His father, his father s brother and several other members

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cerebri is good, but the author has copied the somewhat misleading

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a hundred years as an anti-epileptic. Of the cases of this series in which it was

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ean science has made many experiments and some discoveries since 1880."

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nitroso etildimetilcarbinolico e sue propriet<a terapeutica.

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there can be no doubt that the earlier larval transformations

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Tn the other class of cases, however, where the patient

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two buried catgut sutures to attach the recti muscles, the

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dium, and still more readily with the l)romide of am-

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after puberty, it is more rare, although sometimes present ; and in a

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fever ; and 3d. We see occasionally cases of true and fatal puerperal fever,

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sema of the right side of the back, extending from the top of the scapula to

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destructive action has also been proved to be great in the case

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Exposition. At its close he removed to Springfield, 111., and

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fluid in the interior of these sacs, to a thickening of their walls, or to an in-

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" solidarity " of the civilised world, so that we are enabled to

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with hot air, is to open up these outlets, allow retained