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thalami have been simultaneously removed. Even when these structures

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the soundness of the fundamental assimilative function is shown by

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should not fall below the above quantity, it is hardly

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the longest one opening near the left trochanter. I

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products of infection. So soon as he enters the water he gasps. The shock

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conspicuous influence than in the acute infections, be-

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best instrument ever devised for improving your vision, and I would

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continued until some effect on the mouth is perceived, hut not

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were clearly demonstrated in the photographs. The patient died in shock

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joints. There is gradually increasing loss of flesh and strength;

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The best formula is, sesquioxide of iron, 1 scruple, sul-

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parts fup .u rated, and that after fuppuration, the ori-

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The first two cases and the last one which I have brought to

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is the pressure of the descending part of the foetus upon the

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small fragments and washing them thoroughly with water.f The washings are then

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vol. ii. 2nd edit. — 12. Guinon and Parmentier. Nouv. icon, de la Salpttriire,

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monary tissue excluded that degree of serous infiltration which is,

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6. Lejars, F. — "L 'infiltration ecchymotique diffuse de la face Jl la suite des com-

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crystals small and white. One drachm of the natural acid will

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WILLIAM GILFULAN, M.D., Prot of Materia Medloa and Therapeutics.

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cases whose habitual beverage was wine. On treating these

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will have a much more comprehensive understanding of the

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follows from such language as I have referi'ed to. It must

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with tan upholstery, regular walnut with brown upholstery, or silver gray walnut with bur-

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pocrates alone excepted, there is not a single treatise

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tributed in their texture, they owe their solidity ; and perhaps it

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flexed, and complained of severe pain in tlie right groin and leg. Owing

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from one neurone to another, more or less constantly. In the lowest

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I have often sought to recall the aspect of Charing

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be especially prominent at the onset and the same may occur during the

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tance. If the tube were infinitely distant, the radiation at the sur-

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through the pedicle. We now have a loop on one side, the

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include in this category all those cases of a second attack which