LibOpenMetaverse Release 0.9.0

The libopenmetaverse Ninjas are proud to announce libopenmetaverse 0.9.0! This is the best libopenmetaverse yet! This release adds support for display names, HTTP textures, mesh assets, inventory caps and many bug fixes. The API is largely unchanged so your applications that work with libomv-0.8.x will work unmodified (only exception is teleport lure response which has an addition parameter).

You can download this release from our Downloads page

To submit trouble reports please use the "Create New Issue" link in our Jira issue tracker

As always we would like to thank all testers, bug reporters, patch submitters and developers who contributed to this release. Thank you all!

(full changelog below the fold)

Release Notes - libopenmetaverse - Version 0.9.0

New Features and Improvements

  • [LIBOMV-838] - Add ability to download textures via HTTP
  • [LIBOMV-855] - GridManager.TimeOfDay
  • [LIBOMV-863] - OpenMetaverse.Rendering.Linden renderer
  • [LIBOMV-868] - Add support for Display Names functionality
  • [LIBOMV-870] - Add support for SL2's Alpha Mask layer
  • [LIBOMV-874] - Add support for getting meshes
  • [LIBOMV-892] - Fetch XMPP_HOST from login response
  • [LIBOMV-895] - Add mesh decoder
  • [LIBOMV-806] - Change OSD.ToString() to use JSON instead of notation format
  • [LIBOMV-812] - Added LocalID and ID fields to Getosd() / Fromosd() functions of class primitive
  • [LIBOMV-844] - Fields "LocalId" and "PCode" in a Primitive object are not preserved after OSD serialization/deserialization
  • [LIBOMV-875] - Allow LLSD/binary header to be optional
  • [LIBOMV-883] - Allow injecting XML-RPC response into the login process
  • [LIBOMV-889] - Provide max agent groups data from the login response
  • [LIBOMV-893] - Request mute/block list from grid
  • [LIBOMV-899] - Update message template as found in viewer 2.6
  • [TC-88] - Catching and reporting exceptions from commands instead of hanging
  • [TC-89] - Allowing asset types to be named as well as numbered, e.g. "download e5ab65d0-d1d6-4b78-bbe5-79f683eca896 texture".

Bug Fixes

  • [LIBOMV-453] - Quaternion.GetEulerAngles returns the Z-yaw and Y-pitch backwards
  • [LIBOMV-491] - Rotations difference between grid and libomv client
  • [LIBOMV-808] - Use of the WorldTime command causes a system stack overflow exception
  • [LIBOMV-845] - OSDToPrimList zeroes fields for Sculpt, Light, Texture, yet Primitive.GetExtraParamsBytes expects null
  • [LIBOMV-850] - TestClient crashes when console reads an end-of-file
  • [LIBOMV-860] - Grid proxy unable to proxy http textures
  • [LIBOMV-862] - null reference exception when shutting down after fetching textures
  • [LIBOMV-864] - AvatarAppearance event not fired if avatar not in the tracker
  • [LIBOMV-865] - Terse object updates null avatar textures
  • [LIBOMV-867] - GridProxy doesn't recognize CAPs request that pass parameters via GET query string
  • [LIBOMV-876] - In AssetLandmark.cs, function Encode() decimal points are replaced by commas under OS Windows French language
  • [LIBOMV-877] - Respoding to teleport lure sends the wrong lure id
  • [LIBOMV-879] - System.ArgumentException The key has to be a string at LitJson.JsonData.System.Collections.IDictionary.set_Item(Object key, Object value)
  • [LIBOMV-880] - [PATCH] Primitive.SculptData.GetBytes() does not take Mirror and Inverse into account.
  • [LIBOMV-881] - OSDParser JSON deserializer fails on some international characters
  • [LIBOMV-885] - Asset landmark decoding fails on non-US locales
  • [LIBOMV-886] - Morph vertices data read but not saved from avatar mesh file
  • [LIBOMV-888] - Occasional OpenSimulator login hangs
  • [LIBOMV-894] - Inventory not updated when giving an item away (no copy)
  • [LIBOMV-896] - unable to load inventory when using gridproxy with 2.6 series LL viewer
  • [LIBOMV-897] - EstateOwnerMessage not handled correctly
  • [LIBOMV-898] - Alpha and tattoo wearables not persisted
  • [LIBOMV-900] - WGP doesn't start on Linux
  • [LIBOMV-901] - New Primitive.cs broke down import support since trunk/r3501
  • [TC-75] - fixing the help section for '@' command and making role for group invites optional