LibOpenMetaverse Release 0.8.1

We are releasing a quick maintenance release for libomv containing several bug fixes and a couple of new features.

The most important bugfix might help in case you are seeing naked avatars after a rebake. The problem occurred when the bin folder of the application using libomv was read-only. Also please note that you have to copy folder openmetaverse_data to the directory containing the executable (.exe) of your application.

Download this release from
Documentation is available in the package as .chm help file and can also be browsed online at

(release notes below the fold)

Release Notes - libopenmetaverse - Version 0.8.1

New Features & Improve,emts

  • [LIBOMV-670] - [PATCH] Missed the feature of Delinking (Unlinking)
  • [LIBOMV-676] - new LoginParams() should fill out default values


  • [LIBOMV-823] - First "single packet" asset upload blocks all subsequent asset uploads
  • [LIBOMV-826] - Grid proxy crashes when http textures are enabled in the viewer
  • [LIBOMV-827] - Grid proxy crashes when client forcefully terminates connection
  • [LIBOMV-828] - Flag for adult regions missing
  • [LIBOMV-829] - Group chat session not always properly registered
  • [LIBOMV-830] - Adds a try/catch to DoubleDictionary.FindValue()
  • [LIBOMV-831] - Reading openmetaverse_data fails on readonly filesystem, or if libomv install is read only to the user currently running it resulting in naked avatars after rebake