libOpenMetaverse 0.6.3 Released

We've pushed out the official 0.6.3 release which contains several bug
fixes and a couple non-breaking new features.

Since the change log is small I'll post it here for your convenience:

Release Notes - libopenmetaverse - Version 0.6.3

** Bug
* [LIBOMV-50] - Some primitive parameters not properly LLSD
* [LIBOMV-155] - libsecondlife does not shut down properly when used
from windows GUI applications
* [LIBOMV-263] - unexpected behavior:
Client.Grid.RequestMainlandSims(GridLayerType.Terrain); triggers huge
number of packet resents and Too many ACKs queued up! errors
* [LIBOMV-488] - possible endian issue with OpenSim running on PPC
* [LIBOMV-489] - [patch attached] Encode in class AssetWearable in
AssetType.cs encodes textures UUIDs with enum name instead of byte value
* [LIBOMV-497] - TestClient.exe creates corrupt jpeg2000 files
* [LIBOMV-498] - AssetManager.RequestImages
* [LIBOMV-546] - XML-RPC login fails on redirect
* [LIBOMV-547] - Remove all svn externs from libomv
* [LIBOMV-556] - TurnToward donĀ“t rotate Avatar when flying

** New Feature
* [LIBOMV-476] - Add TextureCache callback to allow user calcuation of
cache filename
* [LIBOMV-526] - Allow OfferFriendship message to send a message along
with the request

As always visit the developers wiki to get the latest information and
download links:

-- Jim