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In the third division, the pathological death by chloroform, the writer

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without pedicle, have received such general recognition both at home

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the men who will accept work under the Act will eventually de-

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many of the capital operations of surgery, provided the subject is in a

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leptothricial forms of angina are not described ; the croupous, diph-

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Clinical Data : Temperature fluctuated between 100 and 102, reaching


its symptoms— can be successfully alleviated. To attempt to deal with such

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"The operation was done last May. She is now in perfect health and

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City Hospital diphtheria patients are sprayed hourly in this way with a

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of utilizing it in building up a broader foundation which shall

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The author deserves high commendation for the clear statements,

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restored as in a normal lung and thorax wall? In health this cohesive force

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situation. This condition prevails in all industrial countries.

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tion of the foetal skull could be elicited. A macerated foetus was found

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seated at the isthmus. Their occurrence is more frequent than is supposed,

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and one egg and the gruel at 2 p. M. At 3 the stomach contents

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Sea air and sea life are also (b) sedative. This is the result of the

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plates with so much iron in them as in this case that get union. As you know,

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each day, the normal condition. To properly understand this

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the first Psychotic episode, but this is the exception and not the

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Partly as a result of the hearing, partly because of individual

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vertebrae. The mass in the pelvis envelops in great part the large ves-

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to which we are all apt to fly when looking for a cause for the

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believe to the contrary until his gloves were removed and his hands held

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the portal system. The absence of serous effusion in the cavities, which

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the present moment in an attempt to make the world safe for Ger-

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(1888). The clinical symptoms depicted by many of these writers are, as fol-

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Little is to be found in text-books on obstetrics about the mechanism

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cocaine used is 1-10 of 1 per cent. In the gall-bladder you must have

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care, and with great freedom from typographical errors, only one

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statements more intelligible and show from what source they are

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tissues, from their dipping under a bloodvessel, or being interrupted by a

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as tubercle bacilli do, or not. That errors are made in such exam-

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pernicious practice. Einsing the mouth with warm water gives more relief

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average result of counts of the blood of seventeen infants was 5,368,000,

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preexisting tissue ; 2. Degenerative changes, giving rise to cavities or cysts ;

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