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rlr'ir-, 'arge t^aqs, a^d con^^: ^rer^^.^' :^ j^ed ^c^ rackaq^inq, Hi]K may
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ralgias, comes on usually in somewhat advanced life, and is about equally
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scleroderma, which in a way is the opposite of acromegaly, and is perhaps also
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Howard University and the University of Georgetown, all in Washington, D. C,
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trical reaction in connection with hysterical paralysis. We should also regard
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coagulating agent cottalnlng pepsin and other enz^pes may be added to eht skits milk.
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of cases have also been known where the ingestion of a generous quantity of
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Weinstein, William, s, a, w, sp, Everett, Wash. S.B. (U. of Washington) '32.
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The patient often makes the greatest effort to speak. The word he wishes to
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patient remembers that he has not been out to-day, but he tells the same story
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to indulge immoderately in alcohol, to spend money recklessly and foolishly,
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We can scarcely give any general rules for prognosis or treatment. It is
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complications as appear may also demand special treatment.
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Choreiform and athetoid movements are common, and convulsions also occur,
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gout, and by many other conditions. In practice, especially in practice among
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the f0w^<# ¬Ľa(^ entry, ta the eoluwe ^rlted "^erloarlaii."' the front side
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Harold Clay Huston, S.M., Assistant in Roentgenology; Resident.
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and strawberries. Briefly, we see how impossible it is to lay down dietary
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Eiffor mortis is marked and earlv in the voluntary muscles as well as in the
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chiefly in old and very severe cases, in which, indeed, especially in sciatica,
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perature, etc. Disturbances of the sexual sphere (amenorrhea, anomalies of
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(in contrast to the spinal atrophies). Since the disease is also a motor-system
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InLilAuf^T "^J ^ ^"^^^^^^ ^" ' pasteurization systS tT^SScf '
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4. Hew does te^rature fluctuation cause deterioration in frozen fwds?
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Little definite is known about other symptoms of disease in the cerebellum.
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anatomical facts to surgery, on the living person or on the dead body ;
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transverse section is more frequent in the pons than in the medulla oblongata.
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under the name of " maladie des tics." We have repeatedly observed such
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1 [Compare, however, page 98 with regard to tire presence of sugar in urine of low specific
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more and more impaired. The headache increases. The patient takes to his