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Lond., 1889, u. s., iii, 262.— Ellin wood (C. N.) A case

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ence of Babinski's sign in diphtheria. His paper deals with a

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affected side. There appeared also some paralysis of the entire left half

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the operation and the subsequent pregnancy), the practice adopted by Mr.

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Case II. — Man, jet. 25, strong and perfectly healthy, got his

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examined. An abundance of albumin and casts leaves no question

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the bowels, and careful directions were given as to position, and especially as to

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They are to be distinguished from cancerous granulations, coagulable

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in the very early stage, with acute meningeal symptoms, the reflexes may,

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1 Arch, of Ophth., Ix. 4, p. 611. » Brit. Med. Journ., Oct. 80, 1880.

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tally abnormal children in the schools. J. Dornan, 1914.

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the centre of the pelvis, while the chin would be at the opposite synchon-

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the name ptomain, but applied it to those basic substances only that

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one-twelfth oil imm.. Students' series. Ocular, Huygenian 4. Condenser, Abb6 chromatic,

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they could enter the circulation, namely, the lymphatics.

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Probably the operation has been too long delayed, and performed

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diarrhoea, and had been for at least twenty-four hours, though

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The one kind of tumour to which I have already alluded as almost

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efficient infant welfare work could be done until we

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physicians to her. She related two cases where she re-

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