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Unofficial Preparations. Tablets. Balls. Capsules. Drench.
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steps of the procedure are the same as in suprapubic cystotomy, except-
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the Municipal Hospital of Philadelphia from 1891 to 1902 in 5,213 cases was
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of more than an inch in width, upon the posterior surface of the
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a tuberculous deposit which took place during the summer of 1 855. An
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even provided the variations of temperature have an equally
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settled in favor of the doctrine that it is primarily local, and that the grave
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8. Even granting that typhoid immunity is of longer duration than
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matter up at different society meetings and publicly. President
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sufficient length, the simple disappearance of food from the sample
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the injection, and in 1 it altogether disappeared. In 4 cases the phenomena
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Curbs — Elbow Tumor — Capped Hock — Varix, or Bog Spavin — Atrophy, or
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to say whether or not it is present in ait cases. I have never been able to
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Executive Committee, only that it be held early in January.
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less, in consequence of having been kept too long, or mixed with in-
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Case of Chronic Inflammation involving all the Urinary Organs. — A gentleman in
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26.2 ^ ; the average for four years was 26. 55 ® .
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making these examinations, the pillars of the diaphragm were inva-
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human body, the latter materials include the products of organic
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Because the quality of the sight passing into the bright boj
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occupied by bright-red patch, oval in form, with its
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a soft palate," as it is sometimes called. This organ affords an easy
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unloading the congested vessels. The same effect can be brought
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ology and phrenology as they frequently are in many studies of a less
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pedis, which in virtue of their elasticity assist the sensitive frog
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Dr. Meldon believed that potassium iodide acted only in
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and myself have satisfied ourselves by independent observations of the
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for a brief time (except it be gradual, as in chronic
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ly inferior in reputation to the father of medicine himself. The
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ease. What is the explanation ef this diversity ? All of the
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done, the bearer who takes the direction gives the word 'ready.'
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consider first the former. Analogy is certainly against this
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back and neck and is common to Newfoundland dogs, terriers,
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