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fuses to contract, or, having once contracted, shows a
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vulsions, which lasted for the greater part of two days.
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4. A Case of a Bullet in the Sphenoidal Sinuses ; Removal
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Moynihan attributes this to the spasm of the pjdorus. The appetite
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possible to do more than deal shortly with the history of genuine
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Temperature of the surface and extremities more natural;
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degree of shock, abdominal pain, rising pulse, general pallor
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stance which was new to me at the time and which is, at least, quite the
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forcibly put, and were heard with attention by all.
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appearance in it of the first personal pronoun. I cannot
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causes chyluria and htematuria, and may be associated with
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producing a rapidly fatal termination by septic-peritonitis.
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warm as before. In short, the result of this careful trial led me to the
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leads me to believe that it is unsafe for any typhoid fever
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pray your indulgence if we offer for your consideration theories which
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ful treatment of consumption. While it is quite possible that our
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abdominal tumor, that is, when there is circumscribed
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aqua of the B. P. is natural water, the purest that can
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spi-ayed once a day onto tjie wound with an atomizer and then a fresh
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puscles exactly resembling those contained in *« vano es wer*
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Division Surgeon, and nominally in command of the Medical Reg-
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hospital. Except in two instances all cholecystectomies
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Another hypothesis, more fanciful, perhaps, at first sight, than
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afterwards languid and oppressed. When these symptoms are not re-
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the body may be exposed, will be diminished, and the uterus
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Fio. 204. Plague bacilli from agar culture. six hours old are Warty, Strongly
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from 8,000 to 1.5,000 inhabitants have cottage hospi-
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naphthoU compositum prepared as follows: adipis 100.0, sapon. virid.
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at first cartilaginous, in the points not invaded by the suppuration, while even in
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constricting growth. Colostomy removes the risk of obstruc-
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comprising sixty-five males, and ninety females. 5. The resident domestics
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ing of persons who had offended him, with the determi-
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constant and continuous attendance, its record that
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I was unable to ascertain whether the woman who went to
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A. One pint of water, carefully evaporated in a glass bason,
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