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taken, unless the evidences of a deliberate purpose, are such as to leave
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we should know what constitutes fitness for life in rarefied air. As
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Bathing with vinegar and water is often beneficial, or sponging with
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of this kind we are enabled to discriminate between diseases,
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only, but also as connected with the extremities. After many
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ing, the following oiBcers were elected for the ensuing year :
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actively employed in the practice of his profession.
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epigastrium, and became weak and went to bed. She took some
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turally and also detected carriers, to a special ward in Base Hospital No. 50. In
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chronic diarrhoea due to rectal ulceration cured by divul-
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RIech ( G. JI. ) Eudoxiii iu psediatric practice. N.
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support is to be provided. Concurrently, plans specifying the
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the association of dyspepsia and diabetes is by no means an uncommon one.
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are utilized in carrying out the above functions, and it is by the
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instances, the direct result of drinking contaminated
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the character of the cells and render them innocuous by atrophy, also
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When the tube is anchored, as mentioned above, extuba-
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P. M. RrxET, surgeon, ordered to the U. S. S. " Dolphin,"
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quent doses of laudanum, taking generally from ^j to ^iss
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quirements, the patient being kept in bed the first week, and
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down, "which have been of great value to him: 1. Always be
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These examples show that traumatic diabetes insipidus may appear
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consultation with Drs. Patrick and Sharpless.of West Chestc
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the delay. He expected, however, that the report would be
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high as the umbilicus, and continuous with a soft doughy mass occupying the pouch
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following typhoid fever. Med. Age, Detroit, 1895, xiii,
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nonrespondents were somewhat more likely to have been in
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inveterate dyscrasic conditions of the organism. The most important
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ounces per diem ; sp. gr. 1021 ; no traces of albumen. Feet and limbs enormously
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Table II. — Duration of Fatal Cases op Diabete.s in
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both? Fecundity was a question of seed and soil; they
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be registered under the Medical Act 18-58, provided such
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Dr. Eenkst F. Tuokek, of Portland, and others who dis-
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can not prevent a recurrence of cases nor investigate