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ed all the remaining prisoners, about one hundred and seventy, and the

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cause of respiratory depression in already borderline pa-

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sults ? All these gentlemen say they preceded extir-

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obvious alteration in size of liver or spleen (F. Parkes Weber,

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cases, as did the iatro physicists of the previous century.

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disease. Here, then, we have a method of preparing the vaccine of

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On account of its virulence, its solubility, and the characteristic

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for 'the knee-joint and ankie-jt>iats ; and by means of some " wire breechee^'

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weeks after his chest was evacuated, he was perfectly sound,

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Cardiac weakness is a serious complication, and the lungs

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land far from any other surgeon, and who. he found, had

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moderate or pronounced anaemia Rethers found no increase

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operation are given under the heading Bacterial Dysenteries.

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ciated with his father, Robert Ray, M. D. His address is 131 Collins Street, Mel-

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now as her mother is with her. Is very emaciated. Port wine

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I,««rciii-e. C. H. Failing cardiac compensation dur-

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relief. But where the fibers were ruptured, as in traumatic in-

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cases cited in other books and some of later date. Prob-

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ti^t with good appetite and good digestive powers, with

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Proicazehi and BicJiCttsia quintana, the latter being as clearly and

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repair the table, hand, and operating linen, the bedding and the

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The above title comprises three studies in the psychology of

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eradicated some days before from the animal. In order

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ringed for a period with a brownish stain, permanently marks the site.'

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culatory accidents due to these injections have as yet been reported.

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in New Orleans two years ago at the Confederate Reunion of

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4. Are indicated in the majority of diseases affecting co-ordination.

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The Death of Dr. George Johnston, of Dublin, is an-

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At the inner side of the ankle, and just above the lower fissure, there

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at all ; the muscles responded feebly to an induction

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Tiemann & Co., of New York, they leave little to be

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four (three males, one female); epilepsy, three (males); exhaustion

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According to Waller^ and the remarkable researches of Cohn-

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same reason a baked wheat flour may be mistaken for

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times between the attacks, and as recently as one week before, and have

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the horns and nose, while operator with oiled fingers passes one

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with a morsel of bread and butter. Given in this way

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of a solution of the active principle of the suprarenal gland, or even