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tending vertigo would be worse than carrying coals to Newcastle,

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upon this thought. Neither was generic. Each came as a se-

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After an arthrotomy, either by bone suturing, or by circumferen-

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butes to the exact coaptation of the bony fragments. As far as

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fine glia fibres and moderately large glia cells exhibiting a

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vacuum glass electrode in such manner as to cause sparking. The

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The Western Pennsylvania Alumni of Boston University School of

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have nothing more to say, excepting this, that I would heartily support the first part of the

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member of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, corresponding member

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was not quite correct in reciting the requirements at present for matriculation, because,

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avoided by the use of ethyl chloride spray and cocaine injection.

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intolerable that morphine was administered. After a few days,

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the lower animals, he is a thorough believer in vivisection.

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the professifm who are not here, for the whole Province of Ontirio

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The entire subject of clinical laboratory diagnosis is covered in a

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Case Histories in Pediatrics. A Collection of Histories of Actual

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That Hahnemann was content with no partial or superficially

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occupied by specialists in diagnosis, in therapeutics, in the eye, the

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could be elected on the committee, but his opinion was given, as he says, under the impres-

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things do not contain all that is needed to keep up good health, and the meat

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doubtless observed and recorded on papyrus which antedates

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great severity of the menstrual pain as well as its long standing,

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abroad. Dr. Packard has been made the Honorary President of the sec-

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latest and best work that has been done in connection with this disease, mak-

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J. Herbert Moore, resigned to resume hjs lectures in Pedology. Drs.

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that a substance which stimulates the general metabolism of the

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zoster, which left her, at her age, in a rather depressed state. I advised

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fever or a beginning pneumonia were suspected. In other words, every in-

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Case IV. — W. S. H., No. 8939, a man sixty-six years of age without

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closing extensive defects in the continuity of the skin by the im-

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forty. To these we may add the thirty-four of our earlier series,

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Autogenous vaccines are more desirable when circumstances

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already well defined amounts to $750,000,000 a year for the United States.

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public standpoint ; and I am quite sure that the abuses of hospital privileges are a crying

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not only well-known in the medical profession, but was prominent in the

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of the modern necessity for luxuries, the strife for gold and place

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out thought of. the disposal of the excreta or the care of his person.

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Beacon Street, and will in future specialize in surgery only.