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complicates gonorrhoea but is a frequent complication of chancroids.
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not consumed in the muscles, glands, etc. , would be seized upon by
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cal Society of London hj Dr. Beevor and Mr. Lunn,"' which was
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which is accompanied by considerable itching, is sometimes pro-
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Front view of heart and lungs. The borders of the lungs have been turned back to show
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general acceptance, and the cause still remains unknown.
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" On opening tlie pericardium it was found to contain between
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swellings which may appear translucent when examined against the
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Hirschfeld: Zeitschrift fiir klinische Medicin, xix., 326, 1891.
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rise to embolism in these organs. Aphthous stomatitis, like the
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Lactose forms an osazone which melts at 200°, but owing to its greater
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three days, when a decline in the temperature takes place, and the
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often difiicult to decide whether certain unhealthy manifestations in
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with aconite, with good results, in fevers and inflammations of the
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Minutes of the Medical Society of the county of New York, for
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the urine. The subject of the fermentation is the sugar, the excit-
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and every virtue. It should obtain no license, and toward it no
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trainers Symes, Maclarn, Worthington, Baelz, etc., with reference to
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skillful treatment. Exertion should be prevented as far as possible
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Kraus and Ludwig : Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, Nos. 46 and 48, 1891.
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ables the functions of the skin which are essential to the continuance
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event there should be a candidate ready to fill his
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V. — Enuresis, or Incontinence of Urine. VI. — Stone
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Wlierever exhaustive researches have been instituted it has always
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much better than plasters and should be preferred. Stitches about
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burden. Every part of the human body communicates directly with