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Specific Agglutinins in the Blood of Rabbits after the Injection of Glycero

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healthy condition and of a natural color with the exception of a

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For those who are in sympathy with the work the plan for

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favor an increase of secretion of mucus from the lower

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their stomachs their livers and their constipation and

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It is to be treated in the same manner as the acute form

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One cause of such preternatural abundance may be an un

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addition to topics usually considered wiU be Hygiene Bacteriology and New Remedies.

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most vigorous the most progressive and therefore destined to exercise

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make it yet more easily understood by all who read it Western

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This latter category of diseases artificially producible is I be

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diathermy hasten recovery. Forcible manipulation of con

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The contents of the flask are then thoroughly mixed. Approximately

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evidence that it is adherent. The doctor s remarks in regard

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white semi solid matter composed of granular material. A tough

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dressing was moistened freely with the same solution every fifteen

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the records and otherwise and it appeared that out of

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thorough idea of any particular case and I have attempted

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meeting and elected the following officers President Dr. Gibb of St

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and also because the ligamentous structures of that

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symptom but does not modify materially the course of the

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patients with negative Wassermann reactions syphilis

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hydroxide magnesium carbonate gel in the tablets assures the

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portions and sending the rest of the carcase to market. We

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quarantine is a comparatively simple and available ex

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may be the most advantageous way of treating single cav

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any neurosis may be induced by it. Gastric hypersesthesia accompanied

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the same holds good with many facultative infections which we carry

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began already at or iS years of age to take arsenic and continued

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are all recommended as suitable remedies in individual cases

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first days after birth no bile in the vomited matters and obstinate

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healing of inflamed areas as an intestinal lubricant to persuade

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