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to 3 grains to a 6 ounce enema, or an equal strength

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materials in the blood which should have been removed by the thyroid

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2. Repose and Exercise Treatment in Pulmonary Tuber-

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Edward Clark, of Buffalo; Dr. F. D. Earl, of Ogdens-

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XVII. Jones [Medical ArcJuve.% St. Louis, 186H, iii. 127). A man of

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make a noise — until they lose their naturalness, and

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ceed with those organizations to San Francisco, Cal.,

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[In view of the result of the collective investigation of Dr. Semon, of

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show a marked increase in the amount of haemoglobin when iron is ad-

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4. The Transplantation of Broad Flaps of the Gastric

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legs bent in infancy by rhachitis. He suffered his first fracture — the

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ma_\' be reduced to a point below normal ; the out-

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but I will refrain from such infliction, and content

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next, total fracture-dislocations, considering them first in general, and

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\y\ composed of cartilage a cure may be obtained by

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In regard to the dosage and method of administration it should be

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patients were cupped before and at varying intervals after inoculation in

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be protected from injury by a vaccine shield or bunion plaster. The

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Abscess. Of the 60 cases operated upon, in 27 there was a " localized

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injected two or three times a week, the treatment comprising four to six doses.

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or four ounces being taken at bedtime, and repeated every night, perhaps in

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the nature of the materials concerned in metabolism,

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almost if not quite as dangerous as the more radical

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in good liealth until over one year ago. She was then

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ity that is the main safeguard against the develop-

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I have seen in all nine cases, in private practice.

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and quality which they possessed at their point of origin. Egger believes

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flation of air into the auditory canal with the Pol-

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sleep in stables, are often affected, while well-to-do farmers escape. Dwellers

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Avas not perfectly developed, but that the bone elsewhere was normal.

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plete physical examination of their children. Those

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the ensuing year : President, Dr. Thomas L. Thomson ;

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Sig. : One or two powders in water after each meal.

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in the pelvis and had been tamponed for many months

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specialists has increased about nine per cent, in the