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Conney, David Howard. Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry.

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1,000,000. The condition of the younger was not urgent, but the elder had

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One can see, at least, that Rokitansky, in this work, has, with

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this : all nervous or dyspeptic persons who hear or read a descrip-

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Whiskey in Tetanus, — In the Louisnille Medical ^ews, for September

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it. It will lessen the manifestations and shorten the

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an hour and a half, although if the treatment had been discon-

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confess, however, that the positive result which might thus be obtained, would

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The symptoms and physical signs justify the diagnosis of

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added its weight in diagnosis. The child was dosed with

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and the death of the patient ensue. A drop or two of perspiration

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Art. 65. — The Preventive Treatment of Uric Acid Calculi,^

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i then therapy should be discontinued. Persistence of significant aminotransferase elevations following discontmua-

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Christison, I carried some coca wdth me to the Alps on more than one

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We read in Baglivi u , in his epiftle to the celebrated

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Civil Service Commission have prescribed certain requirements

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seen in a few minutes by Dr. Mackay, the house phy-

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This is a result of sand-crack, the irritation leading to

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School of Medicine of the Royal Colleges ; Examiner in I'hysiolojjy lo

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commits the crime is absolutely callous and has callously de-

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we take advantage of them. Tf we could but have more intercourse,

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measured in all cases where circumstances permitted

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in the animal body, not only increases its numbers but

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Two kinds of electric batteries are usually furnished in the army

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— On account of the steady increase of diphtheria

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" I have used Sanmetto with the very best results. I succeeded in making a case of

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(1884). The patient, M. Auer, set. nineteen years, was a

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use water with good effect. We have all witnessed a

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registry, in which I recorded the changes in the tem-

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Patients are often unnecessarily alarmed by observing a deposit of urates in the

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and 42 inch belts. I also make three sizes of Flexible Cups, Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Two length Stems, 2% and 3

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and at present the Sanger Caesarean method is being

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After the different layers are cut through until the most internal

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slight pain and loss of power in the extensor muscles of the forearm.

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maxillary bone in proper position. The recovery from

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sufficiently insisted upon: that the operation having