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or beds ; no cooking utensils ; no food, perhaps, or stimu-
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variable temperature than prevails at other seasons of
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as a member of the Irish College of Physicians, I have
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this particular form of ulceration come to attack Lim?
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to the subject of vaccino-syphilitic inoculation is the
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resided in the neighbourhood of Peckham, and, until
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called, and give their opinion on one side, while another
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London: Longmas, Gpj:en, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill.
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of the profession exercises a great influence on longevity ;
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the course and character of the morbid changes is not
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terial is at present scarcely available. It would be a
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cular cartilage is unknown ; and I have shown else-
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Dr. E. Lyon, just published by Dr. Crompton of Man-
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respect and good opinion of my contemporaries in the
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has a higher professional title than myself; and I am
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twelve hours she had regained partial consciousness.
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Maclky, Thomas, Esq., to be Medical Officer to the Wilsden District
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tough saplings, laid upon four crotchets, with some
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the left eyeball, over which the upper lid, livid from ec-
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not give it up, and his owner was obliged to wrest it