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Progress of the Case. During the month of November there was little change

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more. The other class consists of those who eat enough but complain that

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relaxation of the frame. In dysentery where evacuations have

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overloaded and excess of nutrient material in the blood

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the formation of compounds fit to exist and cells combined with

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but not such as to give a comprehension of the philosophy of

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the new bone must have been thrown out by the muscles.

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mind in other cases remaining clear to the end Makins. Sometimes a

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Ophthalmoscope shows haemorrhages into each vitreous

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stand the principles but he must put his hand to the work

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into the trenches would soon place trench making among

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in the affirmative as I have elsewhere stated the diminution in

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tumultuous headache is often a severe symptom and there may be vomit

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