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consisted in the fact that the tongue became liable to disorderly contrac-
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of the Association and of the several Sections during each
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added to rabbit antistreptococcus serum were made. The following
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*»• The substance of this pamphlet was read as a paper
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producer of pus, and the septic, the producer of the properly so-called
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as an exciting cause of these growths. There is no definite symptomatology,
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This makes the fourth Cesarean section done in this
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ginia together, 46.1 per cent, succeeded, while for all
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confluent. It is at this period of the disorder that death, in the
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we had the pleasure of going through the entire establishment of the
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There is yet another very distressing affection which sometimes occurs as
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while the uterus was in such a state of prolapse, and
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consequences, that the sooner it is discarded the better will
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Many readers of this review will be pleased to find in it the author's
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Houston, Tex., he had also completed residency else-
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insalubrious, all attempts at colonization must be abortive, and
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blood into the subcutaneous tissue of healthy animals.
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against the risk of catching smallpox, but the average
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behind the ears, to the back of the neck. While some keep them open
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of grief or mirthfulness ; the mouth is elongated and gives to the face an
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that the disease has been present for twenty or twenty-five years and in
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The grayness sometimes observed to follow erysipelas may also
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the fourth that in which the growth becomes generalized by
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Amiens. Cholera still shows itself from time to time
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A drainage-tube is placed along the floor of the wound, the margins of
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is not less essential to life and health, than that of the brain, or
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I suit. His professional contemporaries in East Hartford
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liver dulness rather small. The stomach could be easily recognised
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the long flexor tendon of the thumb. The limb was adjusted in a
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was apparently in perfect health, and yet her uterus
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could be induced during the warm weather lo live almost wholly on
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oedematous form as diphtheritic, and the question could only
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and one cigar a day. He smokes since his twelfth year.
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than from overdrinking," if true, refers no less to the kidneys than to
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were directly induced by reflex mechanism set in motion from
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the Medical Profession chiefly, but which is far more a great