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refrain from calling it epileps}^ In the case of a lady who was under my

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when profuse perspiration occurs ; but this eruption is incidental to

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Fig. 1 The effect of increased respiratory movements upon vasomotor re-

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der Innenpf^ilerzellen randstandig eingebettet sind, was auch fur die

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sides of which are in some degree relaxed, it rushes along (as

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Tremor of certain parts, caused b}^ alternate contraction and relaxation

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made the following objections to the conclusions of Panizza with

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Eine reine iatrazellular Spalt, da die ersten Nervenfasern, die hier

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on Jaccoud's account (Pathologic Interne). Other authors, however, have been

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known b^^ a variety of names ; it is frequently called simple continued or

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into several branches for the masseter muscle. Like the ptery-

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cases the patients being infants, and in four cases the ages being between

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hydragogue laxatives or cathartics are indicated, with a view to eliminate

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Restlessness and vigilance, if not relieved by measures of treatment

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roots of their volumes. A priori we should perhaps not be safe

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The gradual development of the head of tiie outer pillar, situated

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typhus and typhoid fever. It may be accidentally associated with a va-

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ing to hematoma of the dura mater ; a hemorrhage into the substance of

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liver is always preceded b}^ a fatt}' liver. The condition, as regards

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potash, with' some distilled vinegar, and exposing to the air

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unsuccessful attempts at reduction were made. The treatment consisted

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included portion of leg and foot half round upon its axis, so as

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Diagnosis. — Simple remittent fever is readily discriminated from sim-

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Bouget has published a new plan for the removal of sequestra

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body, tend to throw much light on their individual natures as

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and pass dorsally with a slight inclination medially, scattered

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longations of the surface of the ovum with their branches; these

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Treatment. — For the cure of intermittent fever, medicine possesses

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are computed in relation to the protein nitrogen. This is inter-

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dry fibrin of the vena porta contains 10.70 per cent, of fat ; that

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too'etber with the anaemia and other symptoms, have corresponded with

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The Cajal, Levaditi, and Bielschowsky preparations were

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of tlie latter two out of 450. But the negroes livin^^ on the sea-

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and this is especially true in area 6, the leg area (?). A large part of

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and 45 years. The movableness is attributable to violence, to increased

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tinuous with the diffuse gUa reticulum. As far as I know, the

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