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To diminish the offensive odor of the breath, chlorinated water, or a

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alone, unless the s3^mptoms, at the same time, denoted a cardiac compli-

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Pulmonary tuberculosis may end in recovery from an intrinsic ten-

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it, there appeared on the cut surface a white cheesy mass. The

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portion of the tube, and consequent failure of this portion to propel its

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the occurrence of cases in which it cannot be traced to contagion or infec-

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conditions by which the emplo^-ment of this remedy in other inflammatory

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amendment. The yellowish deposit gradaallj passed over from

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monous inflammation connected with disease of the vertebra, renal calculus,

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and head, now covered the body and arms ; it was of a bright red

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appearance and increasing strength under exercise seemed to justify

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of oxygen measures 12 inches in lengl"^, has a diameter of 3^ inches, ana weighs 10^ lbs. A cylinder

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ruptui-e of the aneurismal sac. The rupture may take place in various

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been moulded to the roof of the mouth, and secured to the molar

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The depression in front was so great that the cartilages of the left

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mucous membrane by the newl3'-produced worms. Abdominal pains,

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prices, is about ten thousand two hundred and forty dollars

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outer asi)ect of the artery, but they may spring from either the inner, pos-

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reckoned among the prognostics denoting imminent danger. Finall}', the

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1 13 character of the affection, its situation, extent, etc., constitute a very

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by the ductus venosus. The two currents reunited together with

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made, the better, after a free evacuation of the stomach and bowels.

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that structural lesions do not exist. Several points, connected Avith the

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toms. The signs, therefore, are essential, not only to the diagnosis, but

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The gangrene was most probably the immediate cause of death ;

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called functional or dynamic deviations from health there are either mole-

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Each contagious or infectious disease hns its own peculiar and specific

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or the ordinary soluble and non-adhesive dusting and

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His extensive professional relations, and his reputation both as a

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instruction in general medicine and surgery, and the various special

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of acetate of lead to the opium, in the proportion of one, two, or thre^

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Operations on the Cadaver, Pathology, Neurology, and

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rigid- or anchylosed hands, they have had good success — haye

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pering bronchophony are the signs denoting the condition of solidification.

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no other notable result than sonra slight gastric disturbance, occa-