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prone both to inflammation and to malignant disease from venous
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chronic ptosis untouched. It may be presumed that the sodium iodide is
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have been impossible. The family history and the good state of general
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rheumatism in any form, and who possess normal hearts. Some of the
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in the latter, the characteristic swelling can be felt if it cannot be seen.
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Examination: Palpation: Some stones in the lower ureter may
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be somewhat enlarged. Nothing else abnormal could be detected in the
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found is always more extensive than the physical signs would indi-
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trial Workers of the World that the principle for which they
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Fessler, surgeon to the Munich clinic {Monatshe/te fiir praktische Derma-
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"In the wear and tear of the protoplasmic mechanism only
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simple oscillatory movements of the other, which are usually confined to
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I. A. — age 33, — single — Norwegian Sailor — admitted to Holy Family
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of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri will be held in St. Louis, April 6,
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case be established during life, in spite of some pain over the sternum and
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and there was an indefinite sense of resistance under the tip of
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enlarged prostate serve as exciting causes. Cases likewise occur
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to meet various indications are easy of reference. It is refreshing
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nean or to the West Indies. A reasonable amount of comfort must be
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closely adherent to the ureter, or to a coil of the ileum, or be found deeply
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embolic pneumonia was excited by the oily fluids, while the mucilage only
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Of intestinal origin are also two other classes of poisons, those
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which favors osmosis and assists in re-establishing the functional
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the hospital for about six weeks, she began to improve, the temperature
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AuLDE, John, M. D., Philadelphia. Hydrozone in Gas-
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microns in diameter. They anastomose freely. Two peculiar-
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patient's constitution, owing to the presence of a urinary calculus, with
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The patient was prepared for operation, and thoracotomy was done
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and strong, and also in the form of a dusting powder, " liquor carbonis
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6. The amount of haemoglobin was a far better guide to the severity
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2. Lane Plating for Ununited Fractures. Two Cases. X-rays.
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those who appeared on the floor of the Assembly Chamber in Albany
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cases of acute rheumatism after the salicylate treatment, is due to the great
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where the patients had long been occupants of the hospital, and confined
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Three months later another attack took place, precisely similar to the
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Martin [Sammlung klinische Vortrage, No. 343) describes ten cases in
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November 2, 1889) the following summary of the most important points ot
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base is a little ganglionic enlargement of the nerve. They are
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a number of cultures from typical cases of the malady, add them