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"In neuralgia the pain occurs suddenly and frequently is of such intensity as

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estimation, but the patient looked anemic. The temperature was at first

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universal occurrence in localities which are favourable to tiie production of

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that he could make a better gold solution in an open glass beaker

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ing. In the passage out, there was no projecting ridge, against which the

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gestive system, and then of the head, it is better, (even though the symptoms

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milk, water, cream, ice-cream, sugar, whey, junket, and some fruit

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Simpson (1910) acidifies the urine with sulphuric acid and exposes

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the presence of gastric ulcer. The true line of distinction is the

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that the chlorures of the oxides of sodium and calcium facilitate the fall of the

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nica vaginalis testis, and of the umbilicus in infancy, tend to strength-

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of the neck became swollen, and they have remained enlarged since. In another

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here the author stands guarded at all points in the at-mour of Achilles. For the

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the inflamed part can be perceived. If the present observations shall be con-

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born at the full time and lived a day, they also sank when entire, and

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true of old conflicts. For the latter still exist, and form, in reality,

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so long; escape notice. No flexible, elastic, and originally straight

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very low. Etherized, heart excised and perfused. It beat slowly from

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changed. This was easily done by leading her to see that her childhood's ideas had

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never be compl{;tely unravelled, yet much has been effected by the successive

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and it would no doubt be so if the disease depended upon ulceration

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of the body; and in harmony with these artangements, we find that the thoracic

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directions for acquiring a knowledge of the sounds derived from Physical ex-

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mentioned hereafter, it possesses the faculty of converting silver into gold.

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views which have been taken of it? There is a perfect unanimity in the

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a small perforation in the centre of the cloudy body. Extract of belladonna was

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of swollen, faintly granular, pale stained cells. These resemble very closely the

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Thirst. — Thirst is a very troublesome circumstance, against the indulg-

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pains in the abdomen, vertigo, &c., especially Stack and Zeinz, who had not only

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good appetite. Many persons have been lost by such cases, having been mis-

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tension only a study of autopsy material is permissible. Of the

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illustrated with nearly 500 wood cuts, has recently been issued by Messrs. Carey,

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1 This can be obtained from Paul Altman, Louise nstrasse, Berlin, Germany.

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muscle being relaxed and the parts distended with blood, the piles and rectum

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the right side; impulse of the heart somewhat increased, and a loud saw

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the filtrate is removed by sodium sulphate, and the filtrate after

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The rest of that experience, viz., the idea of the possible death

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At 1.30, 100 c.c. is delivered in eighteen seconds.

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evidence of it. At the end of a year, during which time every resource,

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forced to bed six months before. After a rest she improved

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would be found in the kidneys. A slight turgcscence of the vessels of the

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fixed on the upper part of the sternum; and the patient felt extreme pain when-