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the appearance of ulcers and nodules within the nasal

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1889, and the new City Hospital on December 23, 1889 —

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the typhoid bacillus, they isolated this organism from enteric

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rooms in which the exposure took ])lace in the foregoing instances. In spite

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18th. — Electricity continued, especially over the biceps.

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eminent phvsicians of her day do not seem to have been in any way

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us to be better than one which requires tlie jury to return a

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weeks or longer or reduction of daily activity by 50% or

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tion of districts formed under the Act, as having already a governing

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Thanking you for the space occupied by these remarks in yoiu" columns,

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monly known as brown or pigment induration, described by Virchow in

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of Munich. The patient was a boy 11 years old, who after a fHght from a blow

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The patient was in a state of profound insensibility,

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dustries" will do much toward decreasing chronic plumbism.

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turned, and Dr. AVillard Parker exsected it at the ISTew York

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everything which will be of special interest to mem-

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Exhibitions. — Royal Infirmary Medical Scholarship— value

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This jacket did away with the need of a series of plaster

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one-half gramme (7.7 grains) of methylene blue each day. In

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cases of rodent ulcer. Two had been subjected to excision,

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as the Editors of the Archiv fur Schiffs- und Tro fen-Hygiene, of the

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cases of rodent ulcer. Two had been subjected to excision,

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eat much fish suffer to a greater extent than do non-fish eaters,

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Those cases in which it appeared probable that endocardial

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kingdoms are not essentially different, what difference there is

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there the cry so often heard in that disease. The eyes roll upward and usually

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Case 11. — A man about 56 years of age was seen to leave a poor

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further separate the fragments and to increase the for-

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Ammonia. A chill should always be overcome as soon as pos-

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and the resemblance which others bear to dislocation, are

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these partial aneurisms are composed of the sclerotic material, the en-

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That which has news value but no value in teaching sanitation and

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figure, however, did not represent two-thirds of the actual

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May 27lh, the death-rate was 17.5. Deaths reported 3,4(>4 ;

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with certain of these symptoms quite common to all. There is

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tion, which we have advanced against the other theories, — ^to wit,

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on this latter point, as in some parts of the coun-

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patient's life. Trousseau mentions a case in which it went on for thirty

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of being full and elastic. This last character seems hardly to consist with