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and will not die out unless it is opposed. It is not like the acute

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The table which follows shows the foreign trade of Denmark in

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pendence in producing purgation appears to consist in the injection

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thyroid Is the greatly thickened capsule— ^he fibrosis extends

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Small Outbreak of Poliomyelitis in an Apartment House. 395

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rhage. Numerous necroses or haemorrhages are present in the liver.

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Recovery was complete by September 23. Figure 2 shows

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Dr. I. H. Lockwood: “. . . there is a marked coxa vara as the

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to those countries that demand this inspection before admitting such meats.

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for example, when the tissues are deprived ol" earliohydrates ''as in star-

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Fig. 7. Photomicrograph. Epithelial-like strands of tumor

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responding lesions in the lungs to account for the change. The pul-

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iitir.lial.ilil> ..r Ih.- iiietho.l is mainly that the p.-ri...! of iu.jeclioii of th

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* (2) If the carcass is in a well-nourished condition and the disease has extended

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canal. The energy thus expended is ultimately derived from the

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upper tract except for an absent upper minor calyx on

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rceiving, canning, and packing departments of the different establishments is wholly

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months. Twisted stomach worms, 4; hookworms, 10; nodular, worms, no

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through fairly well-preserved kidney tissue. • The interstitial tissue is

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Stomach. — The gastric mucosa is well preserved. As an ulcer is

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chasers, in many cases more than the horse is really worth and in

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But, of course, it is always better to prevent a serious

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The plan required that the two breeds be kept pure and separate.

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Cole 5 E. E. Mansur Jefferson City Don G. Shull Jefferson City

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overlooked. A third form of diffuse tubercular infiltration occurs

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tains much that is of unusual interest, and it should receive the most

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tinuously encouraged medical research. Early in its

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which are the basic units of the physical universe.

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changes in the parenchymal epithelium. In some areas there is a

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is in the outer two coats of the vessel. It consists of widespread, roxmd-

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markets. The work done by the State dairy and food commissioners

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siderable number ; hookworms, few ; worm nodules,^ none recorded.

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results indicatinir that muscular metalinlj-m idiaiiires its amount are on

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20* C. After this, enough barium hydroxide in crystalline form is

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■ i,| K.is,. \V. r.: .1.' 1. !!i"l. clii'in.. tl'l-"'. n". H'-'-

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is a great Increase of connective tissue between the alveoli of cells. As we

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just above this region, so much of the already narrowed lumen is con-