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instruction in closely allied hospitals, a number of which are grouped about the buildings of the Medical

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Unless the patient be unusually prostrated he should not be awakened

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There was but little liq. amnii ; and it appeared as though, during the process

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at all. For the fact is far otherwise. Often indeed, where

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has advanced, is essentially an extension of the theory

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Those who have studied natural history, under the Linnsean

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five ounces ; water, one quart). Hot applications, Jomentations,

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The same pathological changes were found in the intes-

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Ba(0H)2 combine with casein in equivalent proportion. Table I

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that it was necessary to develop a closer relationship with

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but there was no organic lesion. On opening the left ventricle there

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described. I agree with the gentleman that antisep-

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Found in cultures from milk and cheese, probably cosmopolitan.

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to a radical operation at any time. I have not made a very thorough

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The objection to our method, admittedly a new one, of

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uterus, but whether they had any attachment, or were lying

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It will be remembered that animals are not susceptible to Oroya fever

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ed twice daily, and the bowels continued to act regularly and copi-

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he pre><'iil in ihe .il -• 11. .. ,,t ,, \,,und. .md -iLMild lli,.re he with

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indicated, and for his own part he would choose the

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will enable them by their normal action to properly sup-

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exact results when the level of the kreatinin solutions ranges from 4.2

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would become disorganized. Minute yellow sloughs subsequently

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parents, and I never found one who knew anything useful

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zeai in behalf of our material interests, and cooper-

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operation successfully — she would promptly call to her aid

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than it is to conduct her safely through the perils of her

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tions. London: E. Gould & Son, Ltd. 1901. Price, paper,

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atrophy ? The spinal cord, by means of its anterior grey matter, exercises

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tient, scientific work are wanting. We are nearing the close

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could be no reasonable objection to trying upon the helpless victims an

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mation. It is often diffuse, and may end in gangrene of the cellular tissue

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tive results. The treatment consisted in rest, stimulants,

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Car wheel crush and jpulpefaction of thigh, involving the ilium and outer

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ternal treatment. The disease being a moderately exuda-

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the symptoms becoming so urgent as to threaten life,

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