Antidote For Promethazine

tively. — New York Medical Journal, October 17, 1896.
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Bombay was at the meeting of the sanitary committee on September
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which should be chosen, as determined by this test,
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pus-corpuscles, which probably came from the vagina. Every evening
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does refer to interstitial keratitis due to inherited
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a case of scarlet fever in which, during the conva-
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also the remark at the end of each speech ^'ifs af-
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After experimentation the conclusion was reached that modified vaccine ma-
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firm. It may be covered with a thin layer of absorbent cotton and a
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The foundation thus laid, however, was one which, once established,
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theory is still insufficient and does not bear directly
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Philadelphia, which outnumbers that from any other city,
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vague pains throughout the chest, especially aching
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light down the tube by reflection. Hack of the veru
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are urged. The author doubts the wisdom of trying to instruct children,
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was examined. Upon close questioning, he admitted hav-
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in a metaphorical but in a quite literal sense when
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VII. Graham (Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., 1884, ex. 467). A man
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scourge: is it also a cousin of the foregoing tribe?
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iting, although on one occasion she had vomited blood, a
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pecially if exposed to the sun while drying. However,
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diseases, chemical toxic causes (lead, alcohol, to-
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of an old lady, of si.xty-three years of age, who, for some
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from palpitation, cardiac distress, and suffocation, and these attacks are
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sent the higher, others the lower degrees of strength.
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Disturbances following Castration, and their Treatment with Ovarian
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Where possible, I do not allow the casket to be car-
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cases where only the peritoneal coat of the appendix was seemingly
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lative efTect upon the blood forming organs, in par-
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whom an attack of habit-chorea returned every March, until its recur-
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He merely defines chlorosis as an "essential anaemia met with chiefly in
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