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" The patient was anaesthetized and suspended head downward over

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We have learned much about tuberculosis of the bones, and

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conditions, except in the size of the dose, and, owing to certain depre-

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treatment. The small boric wick is also of value in this type of

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the park, where those who drive may stop for the grand view

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dieting to cut down weight can afford to eat potato chips as

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diseases caused by excess of urea and of uric acid, whether

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ing stump is that given by Syme's amputation. The other bear-

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Some of these instances pursue a comparatively mild, chronic course.

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persons now have some resource for recuperation after long

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ment by observations made in cases of uraemia due to suppuration of

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or even where there may be constipation, you give a mild


Loomis Sanatorium physicians, shows great antiseptic prop-

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first visit, combined with the symptoms presented, make the diagnosis

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the strongest nourishment in every possible form, both direct

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ious typhoid " it is bad indeed. Apart from the type, we must consider,

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abortion, and there exist special evidences of local peritonitis, with

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observations to the Fourth Italian Congress for Hydrology, held at

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Voiniting is rarely troublesome. Its chief cause is the irritation of

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little of the flesh and roe in order to give an exquisite flavor

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heat are not calculated to explain the effect of the usual hydriatric

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cardia, with constant or occasional vascular excitability, throbbing

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The suspicion of the medical officer was aroused, and on further

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doses of the iodides saved him. How many such cases are

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i^slimatod at 2;3,(M)0,0OO. weekly reports showing the mortality

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ily removed by the cold full bath, which finally increases the calibre of

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well as "sports" type knee/ankle/shoulder orthoses, athletic/swimming

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ness, rest in bed should be jirolonged after defervescence in pro-

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one attack after he commenced the remedy, and now has not

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began to wag. His fame had preceded him, especially as to

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action and nerve tone, and their resumption by improvement, dur-

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