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fluid examined days after treatment contrasting with the per cmm. before

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gish pulse and torpid secernents it brings good results.

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glycogen yielding livers of well nourished animals with blood results

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habitual familiarity with the character of students gained in many

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have been unable to find any dead bone with the probe and there

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present the complete formal discourse on the general subject

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revisers of our i harmacopoeia ought to be at once de

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Professor of Diseases of Women and Children and Clinical

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branous inflammation of the throat during scarlet fever.

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ture might have been formed by the levator am. From the very

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agar and an emulsion made this emulsion should not be made by mixing

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cholera morbus the dose should be doubled. If it be borne in mind

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better. The very essence of dyspepsia is that the stomach is

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between the short ribs so as to allow him to firmly

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Sebastopol they profited by our experience A Sanitary Commis

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days before admission to the hospital this woman had had acute bron

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sicians from all official part in the Congress and yet we

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Some months ago I was considted by an elderly gentleman

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Medical College. Illustrated by thirty one wood cuts.

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works on the qualitative quantitative chemical and micro

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very little. This type can possibly be accounted for by supposing

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stance which is a salicylic ether of napthok Salol splits up after

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and that only to a variable extent. As Foster says a

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R. History causes and treatment of angina pectoris

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pressed by any contributor in any article or feature pub

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necrotic tissue of the mucous membrane changes into a friable

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White et al. found this phenomenon in only percent of

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teid no effect. Sulphate of zinc in doses of three grains three times

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proper precaution that they are employed on the right patient

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ment I gave him among other things small doses of opium and a

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passing over the back of the kidney. On the surface the

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near its close when strong testimony as to its efficacy

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for Medical Observation iuslon Med. and Sm f. Jour

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signs of neuritis. The condition may subside without leaving any atrophy.

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